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Strong interest in Shima’s technologically advanced machines
18 June 2009, Shanghai - At Shanghaitex 2009, which took place last weekend, Shima Seiki exhibited its line of advanced computerized flat knitting machines and reported strong interest in its technologically advanced machinery such as its latest Wholegarment knitting machines. The display ranged from its SSG and SIG series conventional shaping machines to its latest MACH2-series high-performance Whole garment knitting machines.

With the world economy in a downturn and the subsequent slowdown of mainstream production within the Chinese knitting industry, Shima Seiki realized that the traditional display of mainstream middle-gauge machines would be futile. As a result Shima Seiki took advantage of its technological resources to present customers with alternative solutions for maintaining success and profitability for its customers while enduring the current economic crisis. These included production alternatives to supplement diminished mainstream production, and ways to reinforce current production in preparation for eventual economic recovery.

Alternatives to Mainstream Production

<!--[if !supportLists]-->· Support of alternative gauges<!--[endif]-->

Shima displayed its NewSES122CS in 3G, and two SSG122FC machines in 16 and 18 gauge. The company says that these extreme ends of flat knitting are areas where its precision engineering and high quality manufacturing especially shine. Also on display was an SSG122SV 7 gauge machine that demonstrated the use of WideGauge capability for supporting 4G fabrics.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->· Support of value-added products<!--[endif]-->

SIG series machines were displayed to demonstrate their superior intarsia capability. Fast knitting speeds and quick carriage returns with the R2CARRIAGE are combined with improved intarsia programming software to maximize efficient use of intarsia carriers for highly productive intarsia knitting. SIG122SV and SIG123SV machines were both displayed in 14G to demonstrate the benefits, or lack thereof, of a third system, depending on what type of pattern a customer wishes to create. A 4-colour geometric pattern was knitted using 14 carriers on the 2-system machine in less than 17 minutes and a full-argyle pattern using 30 carriers was knitted on the 3-system machine in a little more than 27 minutes.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->· Support of alternative products<!--[endif]-->

Accessory knitting for gloves, socks, leggings, hats, scarves and so on had been proposed during past exhibitions on SWG041N and SWG061N compact Wholegarment machines. At Shanghaitex 2009, the SWG091N with a 36-inch (90cm) knitting width was exhibited for the first time in China and demonstrated garment production for small items and children’s wear as well as accessory items.

Strengthening of Current Production Base

<!--[if !supportLists]-->· Economical and reliable production base<!--[endif]--

By re-emphasizing the company’s commitment to quality manufacturing and its industry-proven innovations, Shima Seiki stressed the importance of its SSG and SIG series workhorse machines as sound investments for any customer seeking long-term success and profitability.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->· Wholegarment knit production<!--[endif]-->

The eventual recovery of the world economy will surely see a rebound of demand for knit production in China. An important factor that must be considered in such a situation is the shortage of manual labour. Shima says that its pioneering effort in Wholegarment knitting pays off as the ideal solution by eliminating the need for labour-intensive sewing and linking processes. To this end, the company displayed its latest line up of MACH2X and MACH2S machines that provide over twice the productivity of previous machines, the company says.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->· Planning and design proposal capability<!--[endif]-->

Many Chinese knitting companies are keen to explore their own

potential for planning and design, in order to establish a basis for making product proposals directly to buyers. SDS-ONE and SDS-ONE APEX apparel design systems were used to demonstrate such capabilities, centred on the creation of a ‘Virtual Brand’, as a proposal for initiating SPA-type private-label businesses. SDS-ONE APEX is also capable of 3D design and simulation, for even more accurate evaluation of designs without the need for costly, time-consuming sample making.

New Chinese Website

Shima took advantage of its spotlight at Shanghaitex 2009 by synchronizing the launch of its new Internet website with Opening Day of the exhibition. The website, whose previous version only supported English and Japanese, now supports 100% of its content in Chinese, an important gesture in demonstrating the company’s commitment to the Chinese market. In addition a special Shima Seiki Brand Site visually explains the benefits of choosing Shima Seiki is so beneficial to customers, focusing on the quality, innovation and dedication that is synonymous with the Shima Seiki brand

The company reports that the above proposals made at Shanghaitex 2009 met with resounding success by customers seeking new business strategies in economically difficult times. An unexpectedly large number of inquiries reaffirmed Shima Seiki’s reputation for high-quality, high-productivity and technologically advantageous knitting equipment.

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