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· knitting machine needle 
· sinker 
· computer glove machine needle 
· jack 
· sock machine needle 
· guide tube needle 
· circular machine needle 
· knitting machine needle 2 
· knitting machine needle plate needle 
· lead block pin 
· lace needle 
· transfer type needle 
· spare part of fishnet 
· Felting needle 
· Warp knitting needle 
· sock guide plate、jacquard plate 
· floss needle 
· guide yarn needle 
·needle machine
· automatic flat jacquard knitting machine 
· needle looms 
· computerized glove knitting machine 
· crochet needle machine 
YanTai Development Zone Ruiyuan Economic & Trade Co., Ltd,cordially provides for global customers all kinds of flat knitting machine,dial linking machine,computer glove knitting machine,crochet machine,needle loom and also can supply circular machine needles,warp knitting needles, sock machine needles, computer flat machine needles,flat kintting machine needles,glove machine needles,transfer needle type,sweater knitting needle,non-stitch underwear and various necessary accessories such as guide yarn needle ,wire lace needle,plate lace needle,guide tube yarn needle, rubber thread guide needle(various wire needle and plate needle) ,guide plate ,double cylinder hosiery needle and accesseries,sinker ,jacquard weave plate & its spare parts,knitting machinery all sets equipment of producing needles,etc more than 1000 kinds knitting needles,and spare parts,all accessories of knitting machines.We warmly welcome your visit and discussion for either an order or cooperation in the way of producing according to the imported samples.
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